Jérôme Delbey
Choreography, Direction, Set and Costume design


Jérôme Delbey was born in 1975 in Croix (France). He began his dance training in his hometown at the “Ecole nationale de danse“ in Tourcoing. He also studied 3 years at the “Ecole supérieure d´arts appliqués et du textile“ in Roubaix and, in 1993, graduated with a degree in applied arts. He then joined the “Jeune ballet international“ in the “Ecole supérieure de danse Rosella Hightower“ in Cannes (France). After 11 years in Germany with the Badisches Staatstheater Karlsruhe and the Theater Regensburg, Jérôme was engaged in 2006 by The GöteborgsOperans Danskompani (Sweden).
In addition to creating several works for workshops and freelance projects he choreographed “Mauvais Anges“ for the Göteborg Ballet in 2007 - which was awarded with the “Scapino Production Price “ at the 22nd International Choreography Competition in Hannover (Germany) in 2008 and the 3rd Price at the Cross Connection International Choreography Competition in Copenhagen (Denmark) in 2009 -,“Skin” for the Scapino Ballet Rotterdam in 2009, “Soldat” in 2010 with the dancer Erik Johansson, “I shall die in Florence” for The GöteborgsOperans Danskompani, “Hel Haldi Sínu” for Iceland Dance Company in 2012 and more recently “Blue… Almost transparent” for NuDans 2015 with students from Balett Akademi Stockholm and Göteborg.
Jérôme Delbey is as well set, costume, graphic and light designer. He has created all the designs of his own dance pieces but also for choreographers such as Thomas Zamolo, Moritz Ostruschnjak, Hokuto Kodama, Heather Telford or Dan Langeborg, Fernando Melo. 
He´s been recently working with choreographer Fernando Melo on the creation of the costumes for his new creation “Pepper´s Ghost” for Norrdans (Sweden) as well as for “Re:Play” and “Dream Play” for the Aspen Santa Fe Ballet (USA).


Concept, costumes, set, video
Choreography in collaboration with the dancers
Lights : Jérôme Delbey & Frida Fridell
Musiccollage : Jérôme Delbey & Jesper Lindell
Students of Balett Akademi Stockholm & Balett Akademi Göteborg
NuDans 2015 - GöteborgsOperans Danskompani
Göteborgsoperan (Sweden).

Concept, costumes, set
Choreography in collaboration with the dancers
Lights : Jérôme Delbey & Magnús Helgi Kristjánsson
Music : Richard Strauss, Anna Thorvaldsdottir
Iceland Dance Company
City Theater Reykjavik (Iceland).

- Nominated for a „Gríman“ the Icelandic Performing Arts Awards
for best choreography of the year.

Concept, costumes, set
Choreography in collaboration with the dancers
Lights : Udo Haberland
Music : Cassandra Wilson, Franz Schubert, Luigi Tenco, Shearwater,                                             Nina Simone, Wojciech Kilar
GöteborgsOperans Danskompani
Göteborgsoperan (Sweden).

2010 "SOLDAT"
Concept & costume
Choreography with Erik Johansson
Lights : Jérôme Delbey & Joakim Brink
Music : André Caplet
Pustervik (Sweden).

Choreography, set, costumes, lights, video
Video editing : Jérôme Delbey & Thomas Zamolo
Music : Amber Asylum, Antony & The Johnsons
The Göteborg Ballet – Workshop
Göteborgsoperan (Sweden).

2009 "SKIN"
Choreography, set, costumes, lights.
Music : Jean-Louis Huhta (Original score)
Scapino Ballet Rotterdam
Rotterdamse Schouwburg (Holland).

Choreography, set, costumes.
Lights: David Stokholm
Music: Frederic Chopin
The Göteborg Ballet – "Face to Face" Program
Göteborgsoperan (Sweden).

- Winner of the « Scapino Production Price »
International Choreography Competition
Hannover (Germany)-2008

- 3rd Price Winner
Cross Connection International Choreography Competition
Copenhagen (Denmark)-2009

2007 "IN THE NAME OF…"
Choreography, costumes.
Lights: David Stokholm
Music: Musicollage (created and mixed by Jérôme Delbey,
Sonny Koroschetz and Christian Bestle)
The Göteborg Ballet – Workshop
Göteborgsoperan (Sweden).

Choreography, costumes, set, lights.
Music: Thomas Newman
Ballett Regensburg - Workshop
Theater Regensburg (Germany).

2004 "CUPIDO"
Choreography, costumes, lights.
Music: John La Touche & Jerome Moross
Ballett Regensburg – Aids Gala
Theater Regensburg (Germany).

Choreography, text, costumes, lights.
Music: J.S. Bach, A. Corelli, J.B. Krumpholz, Luigi Nono
Ballett Regensburg- Workshop
Theater Regensburg (Germany).

2002 "WHIM"
Choreography, costumes, lights.
Music: György Ligeti
Ballett Karlsruhe
Badisches Staatstheater Karlsruhe (Germany).

Choreography, costumes, lights.
Music: Antonio Vivaldi
Dancers of the Ballett Karlsruhe
Finalist - "Prix Dom Pérignon" Choreography Competition
Staatsoper Hamburg (Germany).

2001 "TRAPÈZE"
Choreography, costumes, lights.
Music: Sergueï Prokofiev
Dancers of the Ballett Karlsruhe
Musicians of the Badisches Staatskapelle Karlsruhe
Stephansaal Karlsruhe (Germany).

Choreography, costumes, lights.
Music: Manos Hadjidakis
Dancers of the Ballett Karlsruhe
Finalist - "Prix Dom Pérignon" Choreography Competition
Staatsoper Hamburg (Germany).          

Set & Costume design

2017 Costumes design for              „Dream Play“                              Choreography : Fernando Melo        Aspen Santa Fe Ballet                        Aspen District Theater (USA)

2017 Costumes design for
„Pepper´s Ghost“
Choreography : Fernando Melo
Härnösands Teater (Sweden)

2017 Costumes & Set design for
„Try not to Spill“
Choreography : Dorotea Saykaly & Arika Yamada
Nudans 2017
GöteborgsOperan (Sweden)

2017 Costumes & Set design for
Choreography : Pascal Marty
Nudans 2017
GöteborgsOperan (Sweden)

2017 Costumes design for
„The Grass is Greener on the Other Side“
Choreography : Ján Spoták
Nudans 2017
GöteborgsOperan (Sweden))

2016 Costumes design for
Choreography : Fernando Melo
Aspen Santa Fe Ballet
Aspen District Theater (USA)

2011 Choreography assistant
Site-specific and improvisation performance for the opening of GIBCA
Göteborg International Biennale of Contemporary Art/Offseason Dance Productions
Röda Sten –Göteborg (Sweden)

2011 Costumes & Light design for
Choreography : Heather Telford
Nudans 2011
GöteborgsOperan (Sweden)

2011 Light design for
„Wo ist“
Choreography : Dan Langeborg
Nudans 2011
GöteborgsOperan (Sweden)

2010 Costume design for
„Lost and Found“
Choreography : Moritz Ostruschnjak
GöteborgsOperans Danskompani Workshop
Pustervik - Göteborg (Sweden)

2010 Costumes, set & Light design for
Choreography : Anandi Vinken, Hokuto Kodama & Moritz Ostruschnjak
Nudans 2010
GöteborgsOperan (Sweden)

2008 Costume design for
„Untitled Twice“
Choreography : Thomas Zamolo
Pretty Ugly/Tanz Köln
Halle Kalk - Köln (Germany)


2008 „OneBillionRising“                     Video created for the GöteborgsOperans Danskompani participation to 1 Billion Rising, a worldwide event against violence towards women.                  

Filmed, Music & Directed by Jérôme Delbey                                  GöteborgsOperan (Sweden)

2008 „Flux & Reflux“ 
Photo, Video and Dance Installation  
GöteborgsOperan (Sweden)

2008 Staging, art direction & design 
Costumes retrospective photography exhibition 
Photography : Mattias Suneson & Thomas Zamolo
GöteborgsOperan (Sweden)

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